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What Are Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles?

Jigsaw puzzles were originally were cut from a sheet of wood using a jig saw. While mainstream jigsaw puzzles began being mass-produced from cardboard, the best jigsaw puzzles are still cut from wood. Some are still cut by hand, but most modern wood jigsaw puzzles are cut by laser.
pieces of Artifact Puzzle
Wood pieces have a satisfying feel to touch and play with, and can be cut into all sorts of shapes, including recognizable shapes called whimsies. For example, here is a whimsy of a hiker, a goose and a dog from an Ecru Puzzle:
pieces of Ecru Puzzle
Wood puzzles sometimes have complex shapes for all their pieces - for example here are some split tendril connector puzzle pieces by Ecru Puzzles:
pieces of Ecru Puzzle
Most wooden jigsaw puzzles are a lot more challenging than cardboard puzzles, but it depends on how tricky the pieces are cut, and the image. You can find wooden jigsaw puzzles with every kind of art.
Another trick wood jigsaw puzzles use to make puzzles harder and more fun is irregular edges, sometimes with parts of the image dropped-out (called drop-outs) like in this Artifact Puzzle:
pieces of Artifact Puzzle
Curious to try out a wooden jigsaw puzzle? Here are some good for all-ages wooden jigsaw puzzles with 100-150 pieces If you later decide to join this club, you can contribute these puzzles for $15 club credit.
Photos by Aaron D'Souza, Amy Tang, Sarai Cervantes, and Stephanie Teng.