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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
I Don't See the Email You Sent Me. If you don't see an email from us after one minute, look in your Spam folder or Promotions folder for Puzzle Club, or just email us at help@woodenjigsawpuzzles.com. We're happy to help.
Can I Catch Coronavirus From a Puzzle? The CDC says covid mainly spreads from being close to an infected person, but you should also be vigilant about touch surfaces. Scientists are still learning more about Covid, but the best information we can find to date is that coronavirus can live on cardboard packages up to 24 hours, and on wood surfaces up to 4 days. Thus we recommend that you quarantine your puzzle pack so that it has been 4 days since someone last had it (you can usually tell from the tracking number info when it got shipped).
Can I Catch a Cold or the Flu From a Puzzle? According to the Mayo Clinic, "Cold and flu virus-laden droplets may remain infectious for several hours." Given it usually is at least 36 hours between when a member last touches the puzzles to when it arrives at your doorstep, we do not believe there is a big risk of catching a cold or flu from the puzzles. However, to be super safe and avoid any risk of covid as well, we recommend that you quarantine your puzzle pack so that it has been 4 days since someone last had it (you can tell from the tracking number info when it got shipped).
two cats pieces
How Does This Club Work? You keep a list of which puzzle packs you would like. We ship puzzles in packs, usually a pack contains two puzzles, but some larger and expensive puzzles ship alone. This is a peer-to-peer library, which means that once you finish a puzzle pack, we have you ship it directly to another member that wants that pack. We use algorithms to automatically select where each pack goes next based on how high people have it ranked on their wishlist, how many packs they already have, and to keep shipping times and shipping costs low. If no one else wants the pack or there is something wrong with one of the puzzles, we have you ship it back to our home base.
How Do You Protect My Privacy? Other club members may be given your address to ship a puzzle pack to. If you do not wish them to know who you are, use a non-disclosing pseudonym for your shipping address name (e.g. Bill Puzzler, rather than Bill Gates, note you must have a first and last name).
How Do I Return a Puzzle Pack? Go to your puzzles page. Any puzzle packs you have out will be at the top of that page. Click Return and select Ship to next Club member. We'll instantly create a prepaid USPS shipping label, and charge your credit card on file a flat $9.95 for the shipping. You'll print the label (contact us if you need us to print it and mail it to you instead), and drop-it-off or have it picked-up by USPS. When you pack up your puzzles, please completely disassemble it, check the floor to make sure no pieces dropped, then if it's a box with a sealing-sticker, use the included sealing stickers to re-seal the box.
How Do I Get UPS Prepaid Labels instead of USPS Prepaid Labels? We are working on this feature, please check back in a couple of weeks.
What If Pieces Are Missing? Please email us at help@woodenjigsawpuzzles.com with photos. You can choose whether you'd like us to send you the missing piece(s) to complete the puzzle, or you send the puzzle back to us to fix it.
What's the Chance I Get a Puzzle With a Missing Piece? Currently less than one percent of puzzles people get have missing pieces. If you discover a puzzle is missing a piece, we encourage you to email us at help@woodenjigsawpuzzles.com with photos and we'll try to fix the puzzle if possible.
tale of the lost city pieces
How Long Is The Wait Between Puzzle Packs? Once you've shipped off your current pack, you will get your next pack in 1-15 days. The current average wait-time for a next puzzle pack is 4 days. You'll get a tracking number by email as soon as a pack is on its way to you, and you can see updates on which pack is coming to you and when at the top of your puzzles page. Note, occasionally we may send you a second puzzle pack before you have finished your current puzzle pack.
I Received A Second Puzzle Pack, Is That a Mistake? No, sometimes we may send you a second puzzle pack before you have finished your current puzzle pack. You should see it listed as checked-out to you at the top of your puzzles page. Enjoy the puzzles in any order you like and return them when you ready -- just please make sure to put the right puzzles back in each pack!
I'd Like To Suggest Some Specific Puzzle Packs, Or Specific Puzzles For The Club. Please email us at help@woodenjigsawpuzzles.com with your suggestions and we'll do our best.
How Do I Gift Someone A Membership? We have two options for gifting:
  • Option 1: If you just want to gift them the membership fee (but not the shipping fees), buy a 6 month membership or 12 month membership on the Artifact Puzzles webpage, then email us at help@woodenjigsawpuzzles.com to tell us the email address you want the gift sent to, what date to send them an email about it, and your gift message (any length).
  • Option 2: If you want to buy them a comprehensive gift membership that covers the membership fee and all their shipping fees, you can do that on our our subscription page. Log-in with an email address that is not associated with any other account with us. That is, if you already have a membership and want to gift a membership to someone else, you need to use a different email address to do so. Then check the box for Is This A Gift?. A form will open up for you to put in the recipient's email, what date you'd like their subscription to start, and a gift message, and be sure to hit Save. On the day you ask us to start the subscription, we'll send them an email letting them know they got a gift from you, with your gift message, and how to get started.
How Do I Change My Shipping Address? Go to your account page and change your shipping address there.
How Do I Change Credit Card Info? Go to your sign-up details page and you can change it there.
Will My Subscription Auto-renew? Subscriptions after September 1, 2020 default to auto-renewing. Go to your account page and there is a check-box to control whether your subscription auto-renews. Currently, we are offering a 10 percent discount for auto-renewing.
How Can I Pause My Membership? Please email us the dates you'd like to not receive any new puzzles. Please note, pausing your account does not affect your subscription end date.
Can I Cancel Or Get a Refund? You can get a full refund until your first puzzle pack is on its way. Once your first puzzle pack is on its way, the membership fee is not refundable. You can always cancel your subscription however. Please email us at help@woodenjigsawpuzzles.com to cancel.
Why Are There Additional Shipping Costs?: In addition to the membership fee, each time you ship-out a puzzle pack, we will create a pre-paid USPS label for you to print and use, and charge you a flat $9.95 for that label. The shipping charge only applies when you ship-out a pack, you do not pay for the pack to be shipped to you, so it's $9.95 total shipping costs per pack. We charge the shipping costs separately from the membership fee because some members go through a puzzle every few days, while others take a few weeks to finish a puzzle, so this way people pay the true costs for the shipping they need.
Will You Buy My Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles? Currently we are offering club credit for high-quality lightly-used wooden jigsaw puzzles. Email us at help@woodenjigsawpuzzles.com with some details of what you'd like to contribute and we can tell you what credit we can offer you.
One of the packs on my wishlist disappeared? Occasionally a pack gets deleted from our library if a puzzle in it is no longer viable.
Can I Join From Canada / Germany / UK / Etc.? Currently we are only offering a USA club, but are considering setting up clubs in other countries. Email us to at help@woodenjigsawpuzzles.com to let us know if you'd like us to set up a puzzle club in your country.
Who Runs This Club? This club is run by Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles Club LLC, which was established in 2020 as a California registered LLC by the same people who own Artifact Puzzles , to help get more puzzles to people trying to keep safe and sane and merry during the covid pandemic. You can reach us at help@woodenjigsawpuzzles.com.
Why The Name Hoefnagel? The puzzle club name is a tribute to Joris Hoefnagel, the fantastic 16th century Flemish graphic artist. Our snail logo comes from Joris Hoefnagel, with some puzzle piece overlay by Jef Bambas.
Have A Different Question? Email us at help@woodenjigsawpuzzles.com.
Brought to you by Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles Club LLC, established 2020.